The Leader of RFID technology Industry

Company Profile

Shenzhen ZKHY RFID Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the company) is a professional technology enterprise engaged in the research, development, production and sales of radio frequency identification products for UHF RFID readers. It is a representative enterprise of the national Internet of Things industry. Long-term focus on IoT technology and RFID product research and development, production and application research, based on the background of international industrial manufacturing 4.0, in response to the country's proposed industrial manufacturing spirit 2025, determined to become the leader in the domestic and even the global Internet of Things.
Internet used to create space, time distance, and countless possibilities for communication between people. Today, the concept of RFID + cloud computing allows things to be connected, and can quickly trace the source.
The company's Zhongke series RFID products not only have excellent performance, but also become industry models in terms of product stability, sensitivity and consistency. The company are always dedicated  to the forward-looking industry view, pragmatic enterprise view, innovative product view, considerate service view, and realizes the value of customers with high-quality RFID products. At present, the company's Zhongke series of RFID products have been widely used in logistics, retail, food safety, tobacco and alcohol production and sales, vehicle management, industrial production line automation, books, archives, asset management, military material management, mine safety production, cultural relics inventory Anti-theft, product anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling, construction sites, pharmaceuticals, clothing management and other fields have passed the strict test of the market and have been widely praised by customers.
In the era of intelligence, the transformation of traditional industries is accelerating, and the demand for RFID is increasing. The emergence of a new generation of intelligent technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, and quantum computing means the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution. The engine of technological social development is gradually shifting from the Internet to intelligent technology, and human society is ushering in the era of intelligence , the application of intelligent technology has begun to empower all walks of life, and industry intelligence has accelerated. The development of the Internet of Things under the application scenario requirements also reflect a trend of diversification and complexity. Intelligent technology empowers the transformation of traditional industries. In the future, RFID will become a key breakthrough in the development of the industry. Taking the new opportunity of industry development, the company keeps up with the pace of the times. On the premise of accumulating a lot of application experience, the company will continue to develop more new products and enrich product categories to improve and promote the development of RFID to adapt to more applications.