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Anti-Metal Label ZK-Tag13042

ZK-Tag13042 is an ultra-long-distance anti-metal tag. It has long reading and writing distance, stable signal, high recognition rate, waterproof and dustproof. It can be attached to the anti-metal tag used on metal tags, and the identification distance is more than 30 meters.



RFID protocol: EPC Class1 Gen2, ISO18000-6C

Frequency: (American standard) 902-928MHz, (European standard) 865-868MHz

Frequency: Alien Higgs-3/H9

Storage: EPC 96bits (expandable to 480bits), user area 512bits, TID64bits

Number of writes: 100,000 times

Function: read and write

Data retention: 50 years

Application surface: metal surface

Reading distance: (fixed machine) 30 meters, (American standard) 902-928MHz, 28M - (European standard) 865-868MHz, metal surface

                                     16 meters, (American standard) 902-928MHz, 14M - (European standard) 865-868MHz, non-metallic surface

                Reading distance (handheld) 22 meters, (American standard) 902-928MHz, 22M - (European standard) 865-868MHz, metal surface

                                      11 meters, (American standard) 902-928MHz, 11M - (European standard) 865-868MHz, non-metallic surface

Warranty period: 1 year

Physical parameters:

Size: 130x42mm

Thickness: 10.5mm

Material: PC

Color: black (red, blue, green, white)

Installation method: adhesive or screws

Weight: 40g